Dear visitor,


I take pleasure in welcoming you to the website of the Nuevo Casino in Pamplona. Here you can find out about all the different services offered by our club and the various activities it regularly organises, as well as a brief outline of its 150 years of history and what it represents for Pamplona.

The fact that an establishment like ours, in a small community, has endured for such a long time, bears witness to the capable management of all those who preceded us, coupled with an ability to adapt to the new times while retaining the Nuevo Casino’s essential character.

As for those of us who are now responsible for running this Institution, I can only say that we are putting in as much hard work, effort and enthusiasm as we can to improve it in every possible way and adapt it to modern times.
We are firmly committed to making the Society ready to face the challenges to its continued development in the future.


With warmest regares,

José Luis Pujol Equisoain

José Luis Pujol